The future is already here. Viewers can now experience three-dimensional designs and campaigns without the need of 3D glasses with our 3D-Screens.

More Media is doing pioneering work for the market development of 3D media. We understand the technology and know the needs of marketing alike. In the strong growth market of digital signage, we offer 3D without the need for glasses.

An exceptional alternative that stands out as an eye-catcher from the mass of conventional 2D media.

The advanced autostereoscopic 3D technology is available for various applications: advertising, industry, architecture, shops, display windows, trade fair and much more.

In addition to acquiring a lease and occupancy of our advertising network is possible.

Together with our partner network, we offer other services such as 3D content production, 3D software and broadcasting solutions.

3D Features & Services

Maximum Eye-Catcher
Almost like reality
Very long contact times
Many sizes selectable
Regardless of the surrounding light
Plug ‘n Play ready
Content production possible
Broadcasting and network operations

Advertising networks
Bookable from 2 weeks

Use our advertising network for your campaigns


with Scalability

2, 25 or 250 units – we work on your rollout


With flexible rental periods

Events, Fairs, POI / POS – We deliver your requested system


on the subject of 3D

Among others, 3D content production, broadcasting, software

Businesses for application

Advertising at the POI / POS
Digital-Signage (DOOH)
Architecture / Real Estate
Storefront design
Trade Shows
Shops / Showrooms
Science and Technology