Traditional out-of-home advertising media comes with high wastage. But not with our Media. Our focus is the area where classical outdoor advertising works only partially or only with strongly reduced attention. One thing our media has in common: they always reach people directly in their familiar social environment in a very clever and unusual way.

We are one of the most experienced providers in Germany and run our ambient marketing campaigns since 2005. All Ambient campaigns can be booked according to specific environment requirements and different socio-demographic characteristics. We will advise you according to your individual needs.

We offer you the right advertising medium for reaching your communication objectives and perform all actions according to high quality standards. On the first day of the campaign our clients receive photos and reports and during distribution we always use proven controlling tools. After the campaign execution we create a final comprehensive documentation. Through these and other activities we ensure that every ambient action corresponds to our high quality standards  and that every customer gets maximum transparency regarding the booked services.


Driver Cards

The number 1 Ambient print media. We find the target group by the given PKW or geo-selection. The great advantage: High level of attention and almost no wastage.

Bike Cards

With Bike Cards you will advertise successfully away from all competition. For example we reach Students and mobile people where they do not expect it: On their own bike.

Stadium Cards

With Stadium cards you advertise on the coveted environment of the Bundesliga. Even without sponsorship agreements you will reach fans of the first and second league directly in the stadiums.

Door Cards

Our door cards open doors in the direct living environment of your customers. Highly visible advertising and everything without any wastage? With door cards no problem.

More Sticks

The innovative More sticks advertise where no one else advertises: Striking directly on the mailbox and not inside. They stick without residue and are the alternative to outdated mailings.


Velocaps are the first ambient medium with long-term benefits. Cyclists will appreciate the useful and waterproof saddle pads and so there are multible visual contacts over time