Transparent OLED displays with touch function

A groundbreaking technology. A new age of displays. The world‘s first freestanding Crystal-Screen in portrait orientation.

This means standing in front of a glass panel and watching, for example, high-definition videos or news, using a traffic guidance system or apps.

It sounds like science fiction, but it is not. In the movie Minority Report, which takes place in 2054, Tom Cruise already used transparent touch displays. Things went quicker than expected and fiction already turned reality today.

Our displays are self-luminous and therefore stand anywhere freely in a room. The touch use is intuitively understandable and works with the same gestures as, for example, a smartphone. The content that would otherwise run on normal and bulky displays can now be shown in this spectacular new way.

The high transparency of the display and the delicate stelen design prevent optical barriers. The fields of application are close to limitless. With an optimal Kinect gesture control our displays can even be operated from the other side of a shop window.


With flexible rental periods

Events, Fairs, POI / POS – We deliver your requested system


Advertising networks
Bookable from 4 weeks

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Among others, content content production, broadcasting, software


World’s first: Maximum eye catcher, e.g. for POS, trade fairs, show rooms, waiting areas
Real interaction through multi-touch handling
Full HD and bright, strong colors – usable in all lighting conditions
Highest attention and long contact times
Plug’n play delivery and full service solutions
Content change anytime per wifi (optional UMTS)

Examples of application

POS / Shops
Shop windows
Trade fairs
Digital signage
Augmented Reality


You do not need specific content for the Crystal Screens.

Everything that runs on present displays can be shown on our displays without any problems.

In case you would like to make use of the touch function, a programming will be needed. Our partner agency will be happy to take on the adaptation of your content or the programming of an individual app.