For the Railads manufacturing complex film and photo printing techniques are combined. The result is a brilliant depth effect and a quality of material that can withstand the high stresses of use without any problems. Railalds can therefore be used up to 12 months on escalator handrails without replacement. Over 5 years of development and testing time preceded before market maturity.

Railads consist of a single long film that wraps the handrail completely. They do not consist of a series of interconnected individual elements or ordinary stickers. The film is produced digitally in four-color mode on a patented machine. The films are scratch-, crack- and UV-resistant.


Brilliant multilayer film with high-glossy protective laminate
4C digital print in high resolution 560 dpi with depth effect
Scratch and crack-resistant and UV-resistant
Applied in one piece without seams
Without air bubble entrapment and wrinkles
No adhesive residue or adhesive dust during deinstallation
Tested for safety by all escalator manufacturers
Patented and TÜV certified
Installation am Flughafen Hamburg

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